The Fed will fight the recession as cause inflatio

The Fed will fight the recession as cause inflation. The Fed chooses the fight with the recession is bet on inflation. The Fed will start print money to fight the recession, banks and companies bankruptcy. It is expecting strong rise of the inflation at the second half of 2009 said Peter Mill forex expert in In 2010 the inflation in United States may rise to levels above 5% predict Mr. Mill. The people these one who still keep their jobs save money, not spending following the speculations about the recession deeper. In a moment when the recession talks stopped the people will out their funds. The inflation is the most expecting scenario to cause all these funds to turn in the economy again. Peter Mill said that the last news by the Federal Reserve is accepted as positive by the investors but the effect will be temporary. May be Bernanke make the second biggest mistake that will keep United States in crisis for longer time?

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