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330 CNY for Crude Oil

330 CNY for Crude Oil. Venezuela is one of the key exporter of Crude Oil. Venezuela is not the only one who will sell Crude Oil for Yuan. There are several major Crude Oil exporter like Russia, Iran and others who will follow Venezuela. expects in 2018 over 50% the Crude Oil worldwide to trade in Yuan!

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BoC changed the interest rates at 1.00% today

Bank of Canada changed the key interest rates with 25 bps up to 1.00%. It was surprise for the market. USD/CAD is trading after the news at 1.2197 while the trading the news before was 1.2412.

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Crude Oil price depreciation is over

Crude Oil price depreciation is over. Yesterday was the last day with cheap oil for the current cycle. It is start a period when we can see the Crude Oil prices to back to $50 per barrel. We used the moment to send the following signal: Buy Crude Oil @ 46.12 SL 45.76 TP 46.52. trading strategy is to buy again as the trend is already upward.

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