Forget about the European Union help said the West

Forget about the European Union help said the West to the East. European Union is set to very serious test. The Eastern European countries ask for a financial help in a size of up to 180 billions euros. The Hungary prime minister made the request for the financial injection in Eastern Europe. The European Union is not a union because leave all countries especially countries with weak economy to fight the world financial crisis alone. At the same time “Old Europe” blame the “New Europe” that can deep the recession in the European Union. It is not the true said Peter Mill forex expert in The Eastern European banks have higher profits in the last few years than the Western Europe. The banks that invest in Eastern Europe take back the profit in a size of billions of Euro. As the most of the banks in Eastern Europe are part of Western corporations they see problems in financing after money back to the centrals. The rest banks with local capitals continue to public profits for the first month of 2009 when all Western banks send negative reports. If Western Europe not helps to the East we can say that the European Union is fabrication that do not work.

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