forecasts for the next companies forecasts for the next companies needed by billions to be save. predicts the new companies that will needed by Obama billions. They are needed by billions to avoid bankruptcy said Scott Brown stock expert by The forecast is for the following companies in two groups. In the “Group A” we listed the companies that chances for new financial help is almost needed immediately or already receive financial help: American International Group (AIG) Citigroup (C) Eastman Kodak (EK) General Motors (GM) In the “Group B” are companies that will needed by financial help in the coming 2-6 months time: Alcoa (AA) Altria (MO) American Express Company (AXP) Boeing (BA) General Electric (GE) International Paper Company (IP) makes this forecast based on information for the tendency in the financial situation of the companies and the expecting expenses that will cause difficulties in the fresh resources.

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