USA and Europe follow the way of socialism and Cha

USA and Europe follow the way of socialism and Chavez politic. The most using new and forget word in the new millennium is nationalization. The word popular in 1950’s became very popular in the world in 2008 especially 2009 and attracts much more governments around the world to use the word nationalization not as word, but as action. The banks in United States and Europe are nationalizing. The next step is the companies. The companies that are almost bankruptcy like the carmakers will become nationalizing. There are two other alternatives: to leave their bankruptcy or to be sold to new owner probably investors from China or India. The forecasts show that the global recession will continue at least till the end of 2010. For so much time the Obama spending of over $800 billion will be not enough. May be will be necessary at least triple by $800 billion for this period predict by The nationalization will continue as the part of the private sector may down below 50%. Some analyzers ask whether is it became of socialism or following the politic of Chavez?

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