U.S. Trade Deficit will continue with the recovery

With the fell of oil prices the U.S Trade Deficit come down to a normal levels. The latest report for U.S. Trade Balance for November 2008 shows level of -$40.4B. It is expecting new recovery of the U.S. Trade Balance for December 2008. The forecast show levels of -$37.0B. The record high levels since the first half of 2008 when the U.S. Trade Deficit was close to -$70B is far away. The starting recession and low oil prices are the main factors pushing the trade deficit at better levels. The recovery of the U.S. Trade Balance is in a period when United States continues to buy oil in large volumes to add the stores when the prices are low. In the coming few months the Trade Deficit may recovery to a level of -$27/29B is the forecast of World-Signals.com.

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