U.S. Unemployment for January may rise to 7.5%

The jobs market in the world biggest economy suffers. The forecast for Friday report show that is expecting jump of U.S. unemployment rate to levels of 7.5%. The biggest jobs rise is expecting for February-April said Peter Mill forex expert in World-Signals.com. The unemployment rate may rise to 9.0% at the end of first quarter for 2009. Many new companies announce news for new jobs cut as the spending cuts. The fresh money for investments not come and new restrictions will be needed this year. Some experts expect at the end of 2009 the unemployment rate to break the psychological level of 10% and jump even to 12.5%. Peter Mill by World-Signals.com confirm such forecast for levels of unemployment rate above 10% in 2009 and non-farm payrolls monthly report of 800-900K. At the end of 2009 the Obama plan may stop the jobs cut but the effect will feel earlier in the second half of 2009.

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