GDP is expecting at 26-years low today

The investors looking for stability and sell high profit currencies like the euro. Few hours later is expecting the worse report for Gross Domestic Product in United States for the last 26-years. The GDP-Adv in United States for the last quarter for 2008 is expecting at the levels of -5.2% to -6.2% today. The dollar and the yen are the prefer currencies in a period of continue recession when the bottom is still not reached. The latest reports show that the recession will continue in the whole 2009. The forecasts few months ago showed that at the end of 2009 the economics would start with recovery. But the new forecast see these chances at least at the mid of 2010. If the report today show worse than the forecast the dollar may rise to levels of 1.27 against the euro today while the dollar/yen to fall to 87.80.

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