Some Forecasts for 2009 by

The year 2009 will face the effect of the world financial and economic recession worldwide. It is expecting bad news for the year. describes some forecasts for 2009. The recession will spread in more than 130 countries worldwide. The oil can down to $30 but will remain as overall stable with chances for rise to $55/60. The Gold will break in new records above $1000 in 2009. The unemployment rate in United States will ups to 9%. The unemployment rate in the Euro Zone will rise to 15%. It is expecting merge of big world corporation like the carmakers. EURUSD will trade to level of 1.00 in 2009. USDJPY may fall to 76 if there is not reaction of Bank of Japan. The pound will suffer as in 2009 will be trading against the dollar for 1.25. The part of the private sector in Euro Zone and United States will cut significantly. The interest rates in United States will remain at the same levels for 2009. The European Central Bank will be necessary to cut the interest rates to 1.00%. These are forecasts by The using of these forecasts is at own risk.

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