Bank of America and Citigroup are needs by new fin

Bank of America and Citigroup are needs by new financial help. The bank sector in United States comes in a new period of the recession. The latest plans to help the bank system fail, as will be necessary new injections for the biggest U.S. banks. If there is not government help Citigroup and Bank of America will be history said Scott Brown stock analyzer in The both banks will be necessary at least by another $450 billions to avoid bankruptcy this quarter of 2009. Bank of America is in unstable situation after the bought of Merrill Lynch. Merrill Lynch investments hurt the heart of the U.S. bank system. The bank managers are one of the main responsible for the world financial crisis said Scott Brown. The bad investments and management of Merrill Lynch probably are estimated at more than $1200 billions. The American taxpayer will pay all these bad investments, as the payments will continue couple of years after 2009.

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