From spending to savings during holiday

The Christmas shopping is not the same as before. The ISM Index release at the end of the week will show new bottom. It is expecting slowly rise of U.S. Consumer Confidence. “Consumers are more cash-and credit-constrained than ever before. After a 25-year spending tsunami, they’ve shifted from spending to savings” Burt Flickinger, managing director of Strategic Resource Group said. The recession causes down of spending in all economic sectors. In spite the super discounts in the markets this holiday will be the worst in at least four decades. The biggest discounts like the Macy’s Inc., Circuit City Stores Inc. and others not raise the sales. “The people are not willing to invest in advertisements although the big discounts said Jonathan Donaldson” by The advertisement network StartFreeAds will offer to all new advertisers free ads for a week in their network to attract more advertisers. The investors cut most of the projects and investments in a period of recession. The Christmas shopping probably will be the lowest in the last few decades said Peter Mill forex expert in

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