GM shares to down below $2.00 in the first days of

GM shares to down below $2.00 in the first days of 2009. GM shares may drop again below $2.00 in the beginning of 2009. The Fed support for the biggest U.S. carmaker would not avoid bankruptcy is the opinion of many investors. The symbols of the U.S. power General Motors will be nationalize or have to sell to Chinese’s. The other two possible scenarios are merge of the main U.S. carmakers Chrysler and Ford with GM or the Fed to continue with the support for the U.S. carmaker. The national proud probably will cause the last scenario and the U.S. budget to fill new billions to support the carmakers. It is necessary at least $80 billions to save GM said Victor Maksoudov Stock Market analyzer in The three carmakers may require new financial help in the beginning of 2009 or to prepare rescue plan as soon as possible.

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