The biggest 3 US carmakers are save for few months

The biggest 3 US carmakers are save for few months. The United States biggest 3 carmakers will be support with billion of dollars injection to avoid bankruptcy. The biggest 3 will remain to exist of national proud. The deeper view shows that the recession will not end in 2009. This financial injection would not be enough to avoid the biggest three by bankruptcy. May be will be necessary about $80-$100 billions to save General Motors, Chrysler and Ford. It is sure the biggest three would not be the same biggest three after the end of recession said Victor Maksoudov Stock analyzer in In February-March 2009 the biggest 3 will request new financial aid predict by May be save but not so strong like the companies by 90’s. On the market is view that the shares remain close to zero as after the financial aid General Motor’s shares remain at $4.24 while the bottom was few days before at 1.69.

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