The congress to approves $700 billion risky plan

The U.S. congress probably will approve the multi billion plan to help the financial system. These speculations were stronger than the economic release today. The Initial Claims continue to jump to 493K, at the same time Durable Orders down to –4.5%. The crisis in the U.S. home sales continue, as the New Home Sales fall to 460 000 for the month by 515 000 a month ago. The second speculation moving the market is that Bernanke probably is turning to interest rates cut. The latest economic reports show necessary for economy stimulation. “It opens the door a bit further for rate cuts, although it doesn't signal that the committee is at that point already,” said former Fed researcher Brain Sack. The Fed probably will stimulate the economy than inflation fears and will cut the interest rates with quarter percent this year said George Marshal forex analyzer in

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