The dollar continues to rise in spite Fannie Mae a

The dollar continues to rise in spite Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac bankruptcy. The tendency for strong dollar remain in power in spite the negative data for the U.S. unemployment rate from Friday and the crisis with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. The Fed placed the both super larger firms in special government-operated conservatorship. The politic of the Fed is to keep the both firms active till 2009 when the new U.S. president and administration will decide their future. In spite the deeper of the crisis in United States the dollar continue to rise against the euro in the European session. The traders are optimist that the Bush administration will end soon. The president who pushes the world biggest economy in recession will leave the post after few months time. The dollar will continue to gain due too the traders optimism for the future days the days far in 2009.

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