The Crude Oil raises over $17 for a day

The Crude Oil raises over $17 for a day. This is super historical record. After the biggest ever jump the oil set new record at $139.13 for barrel. The enormous oil rise starts at levels of $121.50. Israel is one of the reasons for the big jump. An Israel minister said that attack over Iran is necessary. Some analyzers predict the oil to jump to $150 this month. Mr. Scott Brown energy expert in said if Iran is attack in new war in the Persian Gulf the oil prices would jump to $300. He confirms his earlier forecast for $200 even $250 at the year-end. But if we see new war in the Gulf against Iran the oil prices will jump to $300 at the beginning of the war. The high U.S. Unemployment rate also support the oil to make this huge jump close to $140. The oil probably will reach $150 till June 20th said Scott Brown and advice all investors to buy oil in expectation for new high trading levels.

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