The European energy politic is full with mistakes

When the oil prices set new records day after day the energy politic is very important moment to stop the panic in the population by high inflation and raising prices. The one of the main energy source the oil is in low resources and is restricted. When the alternative fuels are the most important to stop the panic by absent of enough oil Europe develop project to stop the alternative fuels like methane, natural gas and others using in the transport vehicles. Few years ago Germany started with the plan to stop all nuclear reactors. If this bad plan happens the economy will stop. Finally Germany decides to back to the nuclear industry. After the idea for nuclear industry stop, Europe started plan to develop bio fuels as use agricultural production. The effect was high price jump of all foods. Europe is on the way to stop this plan. After serial of mistakes Europe make the new biggest mistake. The natural gas, methane, the cheapest gas in enormous resources will be not using. All these mistakes lead the world economy to super fuel crisis with everyday prices up of restricted resources. The energy expert Scott Brown of shows three key fuel alternatives that Europe does not use. The industry, transport vehicles and motors to use alternative fuels like methane, hydrogen and electricity. The first two are in almost unlimited resources while are necessary improving of the technology. The electricity is possible to produce by cheaper nuclear industry and the free water, wind and solar station. The starting energy crisis will be the ever-biggest crisis in the world. Scott Brown provides the forecast that the oil prices will jump to $250 till the end of 2008. In some of the possible scenarios Scott Brown see chances the oil prices to jump to $300 till the end of 2008.

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