Mix information on the forex market

The dollar consolidates in mix information about the Fed and ECB interest rates politic. The latest speculations show that European Central Bank will hold the interest rates at 4.0% till the end of the summer and will rise in the autumn to 4.25%. The Federal Reserve still not sends clear signals for the interest rates politic. The speculations show that will be necessary new interest rates cut with quarter or half percent to stimulate the economy. Some other analyzers predict the Fed to hold the interest rates at 2.0% and to raise at the end of the year due too high inflation cause by the record oil prices. We can see new levels of 1.60 if there are not clear signals for the situation of U.S. economy said George Marshal forex analyzer in World-Signals.com. The World-Signals.com forecast is the euro to fall to 1.48 even 1.46 against the dollar to the end of 2008.

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