The dollar with 600 pips gain against the euro

The dollar is on the way to make second winning week against the euro. The dollar gained almost 600 pips from the record trading level of 1.6019 on April 22nd. The gains of the dollar against the euro, Swiss franc, and yen will continue in the coming couple of days. It is very important the U.S. Non-farm Payrolls to support the dollar today. If the report is positive the dollar gains will continue. One of the reasons for the recovery of the dollar is the end of Fed interest rates cut. After the last correction with quarter percent the Fed will hold the interest rates at 2.00% for long time. The second reason for the recovery of the dollar is the first weakness signals for the Euro Zone. The growth in Europe is with new correction down. The problems for Europe comes while United States probably are at the bottom and will start moving up. The next fundamental news for the Euro Zone and United States probably will continue to support the raise of the dollar said George Marshal forex analyzer in

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