U.S. Jobs market and Fed interest rates politic

The dollar losing continue using the moment of speculations about the situation in U.S. jobs market. The traders speculate that today’s report will show U.S. Unemployment rate at 5.0%. At the same time the world biggest economy will lose over 50 000 jobs. Also speculations for new Fed interest rates cut and the words of Bernanke that the economy is in recession push the dollar at the levels close to the record low against the euro. “We can see levels of 1.58 today even close to 1.5903 the record levels since March 17th,” said George Marshal market analyzer in World-Signals. The forecast of World-Signals.com is new interest rates cut with half percent to 1.75% while is possible new cut with 75 bps to 1.5%. This will be the last interest rates cut according to George Marshal and will keep for at least 12-months.

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