Intervention fears stop the fast Euro gains

The fears that ECB and Fed will intervention on the market stop the traders by risky new bought of euro against the dollar. At the same time some of traders take profit by the last movements up. Still is early to talk for full profit taken process we believe in If follow profit taken process the EURUSD trading will turn down to levels of 1.5250. Most of the traders wait for levels of 1.5500 where the forecast is to open new long with target of new record level. The dollar was supported after the release of European consumer prices and wages rose more than economists forecast, as leave room to ECB to lower the interest rates in the second half of the year. The EURUSD was trading today just before the start of European session at new record of 1.5650. Some traders already speculate when are possible interventions as the forecasts show levels of 1.60 for such intervention.

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