Crude Oil forecast is to reach $125 in April 2008

The Crude Oil breaks above $110 for first time. The Crude Oil set new record at $110.15 during the end of U.S. session. The Crude Oil breaks above $100 for first time on February 22nd 2008. Just 22 days after this psychological break above $100 the crude oil break $110. The raising of the oil would not stop. In we predict trading levels in April 2008 of $120-$125. At the end of 2008 the Crude Oil will be trading at the levels of $180-$200. Many traders turn their investments in commodity sector. The oil is on the way to set new records every day while OPEC continue to hold the production at the same volumes and the dollar continue to suffer by U.S. recession. The traders use any turning down with $1-2 to buy again expecting new records. It is necessary strong support by OPEC and the central banks to stop the market panic.

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