Just intervention on the market will stop the fall

Just intervention on the market will stop the falling dollar. The Fed measures to support the dollar with $200 billion was positive just for 16-hours. After the report for Euro Zone Industrial Production the dollar lose and is close to the record trading level against the euro from yesterday. It is expecting to see try to set new record today. The possibility to see trading of EURUSD above 1.55 is more than 75%. The industrial production in the Euro Zone raise much more than the expectations up to 0.9% from the consensus 0.3, 0.4%. While the Fed action to prevent the recession and credit crisis is with long-term meaning the moment conditions remain strong negative for the dollar. To help for the dollar is necessary just one action. This was the action that happen in 2000 when ECB intervention on the market. We at World-Signals.com believe that is necessary strong intervention on the market at least twice time to turn the tendency of falling dollar.

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