Weekly trading strategy of EURUSD by World-Signals.com (18-22 Jan 2016)

In the first two weeks of 2016 EURUSD trading remain into neutral direction. The Fed interest rates decision in December remain the major factor for the EURUSD trading. There are not idea when will follow new interest rates hike. This week starts with a holiday in United States - Martin L. King's Birthday. In Wednesday is the most important USA event for the week CPI and Core CPI. On Thursday at 12:45 GMT is the ECB Interest Rate Decision. It is not expecting changes in the current level of interest rates at 0.05%. The events that will cause influence over the markets coming from Iran and China. The end of Iran sanctions open the world to a new big gamer and China's economic and exchange rates strategy. World-Signals.com trading strategy this week is trade within a short trading range because we expect consolidation of EURUSD at 1.09-1.10 as is possible temporary levels up to 1.1060.

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