BoE to cut the interest rates with quarter percent

BoE to cut the interest rates with quarter percent today. The one of the top news today is the Bank of England policy meeting. The investor’s consensus is that the bank will cut the key benchmark interest rates with quarter percent. This will be the second interest rates cut after the start with credit crisis on the island. The first bank suffering by the problems with the U.S. mortgage sector in Europe and UK was Northern Rock. Bank of England keep the highest interest rates among the four key banks in the world. The starting recession in U.S. cause some problems in UK that problems will widen if BoE not act fast. Bank of England should cut the interest rates with half percent or to make new quarter percent cut on the next meeting said Peter Mill expert in We at predict Bank of England to make at least 3 corrections down with quarter percent this year. The pound loss against the dollar and is necessary to break below 1.9337 the record low since January 22nd 2008. If the pound break below this level is expecting test of the levels below 1.90 in near term.

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