New Fed action will follow in the coming week

The optimism for the situation of U.S. economy is at the lowest level since the start of the crisis for U.S. mortgage sector. The expectations are high that Fed action was not enough this week when the Fed cut the benchmark interest rates with 3/4th of the percent. The forecast is the Fed to cut the interest rates with half percent to 3/4th of the percent. May be many traders memory Bernanke speech few months ago when he said after half percent interest rates cut that is the last cut? May be the traders who believe to Bernanke are too low already. It seems that Bernanke do not know what doing and how to avoid the almost starting recession. I do not see chances for strong U.S. economy with Bernanke said Peter Mill expert in This man make step after step from bad to worse. The chances for U.S. economy to recovery were high but after Bernanke actions the chances are minimal already.

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