EURUSD trading strategy in the next few days

The strong dollar is about to the end says The global situation that help the dollar rises in the last 3-4 months is changing now. The dollar is not a strong but the rest major currencies are weak due too the sanctions against Russia that affect is major over the Euro Zone and Euro, together with the British Pound, Japanese Yen and others. The civil war in South-East Ukraine may end shortly that will stop the investors looking for security in dollar investments. Euro-Dollar hit a 1-year bottom at 1.3152 yesterday (August 27th). In the next 3-4 business days is expecting a key moment for turning the bearish into neutral or bullish. trading strategy is to buy EURUSD at the current levels. If EURUSD trading breaks below 1.3152 the downtrend may continue otherwise we epxect temporary recovery of the Euro. For exact trading strategy in daily and long-term basis follow us at

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