Breaking News: The Yen, Dollar and Gold are the bi

Breaking News: The Yen, Dollar and Gold are the biggest winners from the Greece crisis. Black Thursday for the bourses is today. The market reacts to the escalating Greece crisis. The strike in Greece with the demonstrations in Athens pushes the investors to safe investments. The big winners from the escalating crisis in Europe are the Japanese Yen following by the dollar and Gold. The cable loses over 450 pips for the last 24-hours following by the euro losses of over 300 pips. The yen gains against the dollar over 600 pips for less than 7-hours. The Dow Jones down below 10 000 as was trading far below 9900 but fast recovery again. The speculations that the Greece crisis may set the euro in very difficult period that will be followed by the nations like Portugal, Spain, Ireland, Italy and other countries.

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