The dollar is widely sold as the bottom of recessi

The dollar is widely sold as the bottom of recession come. The dollar was widely sold on Friday after the first signs of stabilization of the world economy number one. The key non-farm payrolls report send positive signal that the bottom is reached. The new jobs losses forecasts predicted above 600K while the report show 539K losses jobs. This is better than the worst March month of 699K loss jobs. The non-farm payroll report remains in negative trend that send the Unemployment Rate at the expecting level of 8.9%. forecast by the prior year predict levels above 9% in 2009 with chances for levels above 10% and up to 12% if the bottom space is too long. These signals push the investors to turn to risky assets in bought of euros. If the Euro/dollar breaks above 1.3740 the trading in the coming week may stop at the levels of 1.3920/45 and turn back to recovery of the dollar. The chances for dollar recovery are set to high at the end of the coming week.

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