The U.S. economy is at 50-years bottom

The U.S. GDP-Adv fell to -6.1% much more than the forecast of -4.7%. The last report was at -6.3%. The key report today is the worst for the last 50 years. The last six months were the worst since the period of 1957-1958. The worst report for the last 50 years send new signal that the bottom is still not reached. The world biggest economy may not start recovery this year is the statement of Peter Mill forex expert in The other key news today is the widely expecting decision the Fed to leave the key benchmark at 0.00-0.25%. The key words by the two days Fed meeting is the fact that the economy continue moving down as the process speed is less than the prior periods. This is not a optimism because the process is still downward said Peter Mill. The dollar was sold after the news against the euro, pound and Swiss franc and bough against the yen.

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