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The key day is January 6th for Trump and Dollar

The minimal chance of Donald Trump to save the president post is the reason for last movements on the markets. The chance is too minimal but it was a reason EURUSD to keep below 1.23 in the first two business days of 2021. On 6th January 2021 is the last key day and final decision for election of U.S. president. After the event tomorrow EURUSD may jump over 1.24 in the day. As overall the trend is stable in upward movement. The dollar will become weaker in the first half of January 2021. expects to see EURUSD to test 1.25 soon.

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Europe and the United States are far away from optimism

In the week of holidays the market is very dynamic. The key fundamental and geopolitical news comes one after another. The extended travel bans in Europe due to the new virus strain in the United Kingdom is one of the factors but the end date of Brexit is the other factor to influence the dynamic of the markets. The new U.S. stimul deal of $900 billion supports the Dollar as the gains against the Euro is at about 100-120 pips. expects these gains to melt in the next few days till Christmas and EURUSD to trade at 1.2350 and up. Optimism - Forget about optimism in Europe and the United States as the lockdown will become harder and harder as the economy will almost stop these days. Many businesses and workers will go to retirement due to huge losses in the days when the turnover is always at record levels.

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EURUSD is in progress to reach 1.25 at the end of the year

If you follow our forecasts about EURUSD from November 30th you know that the Dollar will lose ground. The main akcent in the forecast was the confirmation of Biden winning the election may push the Dollar to levels of EURUSD 1.25. The forecast is in progress as confirms that the target of 1.2450-1.2500 at the end of December is possible. For the current market conditions EURUSD is trading at 1.2255. You can still go into positions as expected with the temporary recovery of the Dollar to 1.2185-1.2215. Then open long positions or still hold your positions from our first forecasts with progress to 1.25 till the end of this year. Currently the positive news for the U.S. economy may provide a good bottom and make to the grafic the letter "U" where is your chance to make the best entry into long positions.

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FX, Stocks, Indices, Commodities, Metals, Energies
FX, Stocks, Indices, Commodities, Metals, Energies
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1-Month Forex or Energy Copy Service
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