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Nearly all of the gold on Earth came from meteorites that bombarded the planet over 200 million years after it formed.

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The Gold price may down below $1500 in next few months

The crisis worldwide with the CoronaVirus may push many countries to sell Gold stores to cover the current spending. The countries that will sell Gold at first point are Oil exporters like Saudi Arabia, Russia and others. Saudi Arabia passes very negative months starting in January with air strike in Iraq that killed General Qasem Soleimani. The Oil price war with Russia, the falling oil price and production cuts also push negatives to Saudi budget. To restart the economy will be necessary new fresh capitals therefore other countries may follow Saudi Arabia and start selling Gold for Dollars. These steps will push the Gold price down. The current price of Gold spot is at $1704 and may down below $1470 in the next 2-months. strategy is to use the levels above $1710-1720 and open short positions.

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Oil prices rally to stop these days

The economy is restarting and you can see this as check the oil prices graph. It is going up and up the last days and especially in the last two days. The WTI price climbs to $33.05 after the negative prices last month. The oil prices may found a good resistance at the current level of $33.05 and if move up the next resistance may stop the rising prices at $36.50. The economy could not recovery so fast also there are many big volumes stored oil. All these factors could stop the price and back to levels of $22 up to $29 in the next 2-months. strategy is to place new orders in the coming days into short positions. The oil prices in the last few days follow the stock optimism and are very high value in the current situation.

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Is it time for investment in entertainment companies?

We expect very slowly recovery of the tourism industry. The people will not restart travel like before. They will spend many months or even years to cover the losses during the quarantine. Also they will try to make a buffer for eventually new bad days. Loans, losses recovery and making a buffer will take a lot of time. We predict recovery at about 55-65% of the levels before the pandemic in the middle of 2021. The unemployment will remain too high especially in United States so the entertainment and tourism industry will remain in very slow growth from the zero in many years. The investments in new entertainment industry like hotels, restaurants, cinemas, tourist products stay with not chance for gains. The investments in companies in these sectors is remain very risky because the bottom is far away may be in 2021. Hotels, restaurants, cinemas, tour operators, cruise ships are going to close although the lift of some restrictions. Some of the companies may open again but the incomes will not cover the spending and is on the way to start second wave of bankruptcy. strategy is to avoid investments in these sectors at least till the end of 2020.

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