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World-Signals provides live signals for the Gold spot market. The signals are 24-hours a day 5-days a week. The Metal Service offers trading of Gold spot.

These signals are open for average 3-8 hours. The maximal period for which position should be open is 3-business days.
Maximal Stop Losses: 1000 pips. ($10.00)
Minimal Stop Losses: 300 pips ($3.00).
Minimal Target Profit: 400 pips ($4.00)
Maximal Target Profit: Means by the market situation.
Average Target Profit: 2000 pips. ($20.00)

All signals are in the following format:

Time EST
Action Gold @ "quotes" SL "quote" TP "quote".

8:37 AM EST
Buy Gold @ 622.50 SL 620.10 TP 628.30.

3:55 PM EST
Sell Gold @ 665.00 SL 668.30 TP 656.40.

4:47 PM EST
Close Gold @ 620.10.

Average there are between 2 and 8 positions per week. Maximum 1-position is active at any time.

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