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Forex Signals for Asian session

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Forex Signals:    


Basic (Intra Day Traders)

World-Signals® provide 2 different signals trading methods. The first is for Intra Day Traders. We call this registration Basic.
These signals are open for average 2-6 hours. The maximal period for which position should be open is 36-hours.
Maximal Stop Losses: 40 pips.
Minimal Stop Losses: 15 pips.
Minimal Target Profit - Means by the market situation.
Maximal Target Profit - Means by the market situation.
Average Target Profit: 55 pips.

The forex signals are 24-hours a day 5-days a week. All signals are in the following format:

Time EST
Action "Pair" @ "quote" SL "quote" TP "quote".

8:33 AM EST
Buy USDCAD @ 1.1328 SL 1.1304 TP 1.1372.

10:53 AM EST
Sell GBPUSD @ 1.8643 SL 1.8668 TP 1.8585.

If some of the positions above needed by earlier correction you should receive signals to close or change as the examples below:

1:17 PM EST
Close USDCAD @ 1.1358.

2:32 PM EST
Change GBPUSD TP @ 1.8558.

Premium (Long-Term Traders)

The second trading method is for Long-Term Traders. We call this registration Premium.
With the Premium service average we open positions for the time between 1-week and 4-Months.
The following parameters are the feature of this registration:
Minimal Stop Losses: 50 pips.
Maximal Stop Losses: 150 pips.
Minimal Profit Target: 150 pips.
Maximal Profit Target: 950 pips.
Minimal Open Time for Position: 1-week.
Maximal Open Time for Position: 6-Months.
With every signal with the Premium Service you will receive and prediction when we expect to close the position with the target - Take Profit. The "prediction" is placed with every signal in bracket.

Premium Signals Format:

Date and Hour
Action "Pair" "quote" SL "quote" TP "quote" (prediction)

Example of Premium Signals:

Feb 21st 2005 2:00 PM EST
Buy EURUSD @ 1.1840 SL 1.1750 TP 1.2520 (May 2005)

Mar 4th 2005 11:00 PM EST
Sell USDJPY @ 120.15 SL 121.20 TP 113.20 (The end of June 2005)

The Premium customers receive at least once a week confirmation and analysis for the open long-term positions. These customers receive all signals via e-mail and cell phone. The customers will receive early notification when we plan to close the open position.


April 10th 2005
The open position: "Buy EURUSD @ 1.1840 SL 1.1750 TP 1.2520 (May 2005)" we will close in the coming 24-hours.

The minimal registration with the Premium service is 3-Months.

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