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Forex Signals for Asian session

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Forex Signals:    


Basic (Intra Day Traders)

World-Signals® provide 2 different signals trading methods. The first is for Intra Day Traders. We call this registration Basic.
These signals are open for average 2-6 hours. The maximal period for which position should be open is 36-hours.
Maximal Stop Losses: 40 pips.
Minimal Stop Losses: 15 pips.
Minimal Target Profit - Means by the market situation.
Maximal Target Profit - Means by the market situation.
Average Target Profit: 55 pips.

The forex signals are 24-hours a day 5-days a week. All signals are in the following format:

Time EST
Action "Pair" @ "quote" SL "quote" TP "quote".

8:33 AM EST
Buy USDCAD @ 1.1328 SL 1.1304 TP 1.1372.

10:53 AM EST
Sell GBPUSD @ 1.8643 SL 1.8668 TP 1.8585.

If some of the positions above needed by earlier correction you should receive signals to close or change as the examples below:

1:17 PM EST
Close USDCAD @ 1.1358.

2:32 PM EST
Change GBPUSD TP @ 1.8558.

Premium (Long-Term Traders)

The second trading method is for Long-Term Traders. We call this registration Premium.
With the Premium service average we open positions for the time between 1-week and 4-Months.
The following parameters are the feature of this registration:
Minimal Stop Losses: 50 pips.
Maximal Stop Losses: 150 pips.
Minimal Profit Target: 150 pips.
Maximal Profit Target: 950 pips.
Minimal Open Time for Position: 1-week.
Maximal Open Time for Position: 6-Months.
With every signal with the Premium Service you will receive and prediction when we expect to close the position with the target - Take Profit. The "prediction" is placed with every signal in bracket.

Premium Signals Format:

Date and Hour
Action "Pair" "quote" SL "quote" TP "quote" (prediction)

Example of Premium Signals:

Feb 21st 2005 2:00 PM EST
Buy EURUSD @ 1.1840 SL 1.1750 TP 1.2520 (May 2005)

Mar 4th 2005 11:00 PM EST
Sell USDJPY @ 120.15 SL 121.20 TP 113.20 (The end of June 2005)

The Premium customers receive at least once a week confirmation and analysis for the open long-term positions. These customers receive all signals via e-mail and cell phone. The customers will receive early notification when we plan to close the open position.


April 10th 2005
The open position: "Buy EURUSD @ 1.1840 SL 1.1750 TP 1.2520 (May 2005)" we will close in the coming 24-hours.

The minimal registration with the Premium service is 3-Months.


Copy Trading Service

To follow our trades for Forex (EURUSD, USDJPY, GBPUSD and USDCHF) you are necessary to open copy trading account with the service of FXBlue and install FXBlue Internet Mirror Receiver (it is free).
There are 3 steps to start with Copy Trading.
1. Register with us using the links for 1-Month, 3-Months ( and so on...
2. Open FXBlue Account ( and send your Username to email
3. Synchronize your account to use EURUSD, USDJPY, GBPUSD and USDCHF with your MetaTrader 4. We recommend you to use ICMarkets as broker.

To start the service is necessary at least $1000 in your account. We trade in USD using copy trading service. The maximum open positions at the same time are 2.

For more details contact us via or using our Telegram messenger.



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