Trump continues moves the forex market
Posted by Admin on Saturday, 12 November 2016

The United States president elections are the main moving factor for this month. The election of Donald Trump and the first talks about his program is the key signal for the investors. In the first three hours the traders sell dollars while later the dollar recovery the losses and even gain about 150 pips. In the coming week expect to see exit of the short positions as the dollar may lose the recent gains but not so much. The key support level for EURUSD is at 1.0830 as the breaks below the level we can see 1.0740. The first resistance is at 1.0935 followed by 1.1000. trading strategy is long positions in the first half of the week when we can see 1.0935 or 1.1000 as then is possible reverse down to the levels of 1.08.

And again we will see short positions on the winning side this upcoming days
Posted by Admin on Monday, 24 October 2016

The US Dollar will remain strong above the Euro this and probably next week too. The main occasion this week will be The interest rates decision. Investors all around the globe are waiting for interest rates rises or signals for some movements very soon. strategy for this week will be to remain trading below 1.10. It is very possible The US Dollar to trade on levels below 1.08 1.0740 for a while. advices trading from 1.0900-1.0925 for short positions with targets below 1.0800.

In 2017 Inflation rate will force Fed's to rise interest rates above current level
Posted by Admin on Sunday, 18 September 2016

After seven days of consolidation for euro/dollar in Friday the data in US tilt the scales in Dollar's favor. Consolidation was at levels about 1.1250, as the inflation rate for August were above average expectations. predict that the inflation rate will be the main reason for Fed's rates to rise next year. The main focus this week will be for FOMC Rate Decision, where we don't expect changes in Fed's rate policy. strategy this week will be to bet on the US Dollar and expect levels about 1.1070. The key support levels this week will be at 1.1070 and resistance at 1.1225.

Euro's test levels from 1.1420 this week by
Posted by Admin on Sunday, 21 August 2016

The pressure for the US dollar will continue this week, although it will be weak and not so frequent. US Dollar will loose some of his price over the Euro's strong support. The main Dollar lost will be just in the beginning of this week and by the end, it will regain some influence again. The most important events witch will take place in the market’s movements are Germany's GBP on Wendsday, Jackson Hole Symposium in Thursday and Friday. This week's strategy of will be to buy long positions in Monday and to exit at levels 1.1420 witch is the main resistance level.

EUR/USD will consolidate around 1.11 before reaching attack targeting levels below 1.10
Posted by Admin on Sunday, 07 August 2016

In the past week saw the US dollar taking over above the Euro in the second half of the week in cause of the good data about the working places in USA. This week the fundamental key information about the market that can occur and have influence are from GDP in Germany and the Euro Zone in Friday and Retail Sales in the US. expects attempt of consolidation from EUR/USD for a while at the same levels. First key support level is at 1.1045, as the test of this level will occur about 1.0960. First level of resistance will be around 1.1160 followed by 1.1233. The next event will be the US Dollar's attempt at levels 1.0960 and below.

New bad news about the EU are charging the already strong dollar
Posted by Admin on Sunday, 24 July 2016

As we know the US dollar was escalating his price over the Euro in the last week. The problems are to be continued about the Euro zone from Brexit and the new terrorist attacks are heating up the measures about the security of EU according to As the fear of terrorist attacks is escalating, the stability of Euro will be fragile. The most important event of this week will be the Fed Interest Rate Decision in the US. As we speak expect data about GDP and CPI for the second quarter half of this year. We predict several attempts for attack this week with key support level at 1.0910 mainly from the ref in England. At any chance we expect very close positioning about 1.0910 level and testing for this week. First level of resistance will be around 1.1025, followed by 1.1060. trading strategy for the upcoming week is trading EURUSD, using the first key of resistance level and opening a short position with main objective 1.0910 and below.

New EUR/USD strategy for this upcoming progressive week
Posted by Admin on Sunday, 03 July 2016

The new week will start with Independence Day in USA and low movements on the market. The first coming important weekly events according to will begin at the middle of the week, where we expect Trade Balance's info, ISM Service , FOMC Minutes in USA and Non-monetary's ECB meeting with ECB President Draghi speech at 7 GMT. Thursday will begin with ECB Monetary Policy meeting at 11:30 GMT. This week take most your time and pay attention to Friday's American US Nonfarm Payrolls and Unemployment rate. The data is very important, because as we know from last month there is very low percentage in new opening working places. If the scenario from last month repeats there is room for concern in unemployment market's rates and stability. Brexit's event will remain his influence in the economy all around the world as the tiniest rumors could collapse the market. new strategy is to wait the rush of the euro in the first half of the week and to open short positions with main objective 1.10 and less.

Euro remains weak compared to US dollar again this week
Posted by Admin on Sunday, 26 June 2016

After the Brexit's 'high tide' vote progress, Great Britain will remain topic number one for a long time according to Main source of winning positions for these days will be US dollar and Gold, as we expect the dollar to continue his strong influence in global markets for a while. Euro will continue to collapse by the Brexit's events and the unfortunate split of UK and EU for a couple of weeks. As we speak for important news we advice to take your time and read the USA Bank Stress test info in Monday. In Thursday it’s important to draw your attention to ECB Meeting in 9 a clock GMT, and the next important event for USA which is ISM Index at 14 GMT sharp. Overall as may say - 'the big picture' for this week is pointing dynamic volatility by the markets as we consider Euro/Dollar to reach levels below 1.08.