The dollar is weak - Fed interest rates with maximum 25bp up this year
Posted by Admin on Sunday, 01 May 2016

The latest news and investors forecasts about the Fed interest rates politic move the markets. The Dollar losses against the Euro are caused by the cutting expectations of interest rates hikes in 2016. The first expectation was for 4 hikes in the year while these days are talking for one or maximum two interest rates correction into upward direction. continues to expect maximum one interest rates raise in 2016. The major economic events that will move the market this week are on Friday US Nonfarm Payrolls and Unemployment Rate at 12:30 GMT. Also from United States the other key events are ISM Index on Monday at 14:00 GMT and Wednesday reports for Trade Balance at 12:30 GMT and ISM Services at 14:00 GMT. In Europe on Monday the focus is over EU Markit Manufacturing PMI at 8:00 GMT and Germany Markit Manufacturing PMI at 7:55 GMT. On Tuesday the most important events are PPI at 9:00 GMT and European Commission Releases Economic Growth Forecasts in unknown hour. On Wednesday at 7:00 GMT is Non-monetary policy's ECB meeting followed by Germany Markit Services at 7:55 GMT and EU Markit Services at 8:00 GMT. Any negative news by United States will signal for no more interest rates changes or maximum one raise with 25 bps till the end of the year. EURUSD is close to the key resistance at 1.1460 as expects to see test above the level this week. The support levels are 1.1310 and 1.1140.

EURUSD to test the levels below 1.1140 this week
Posted by Admin on Saturday, 23 April 2016

" trading strategy for the week is to open short positions using good tops for bigger profits." This was the trading strategy by the last business week. Few weeks early we predicted that the upward trend of EURUSD will finish. The dollar will recovery in the next few weeks as may test the levels below 1.10 soon. This week focus over the coming events: On Monday New Home Sales at 14:00 GMT, on Tuesday Durable Orders at 13:30 and Consumer Confidence at 15:00 GMT. These reports may support the dollar with positive data for United States. The most important event is on Wednesday FOMC Rate Decision at 18:00 GMT as is expecting to leave the interest rates unchanged at 0.50% but the time for new interest rates hike is short. The next most important event is GDP-Adv. on Thursday at 13:30 GMT. In Europe the first important event is on Monday Germany IFO reports at 8:00 GMT and Gfk Consumer Confidence Survey on Wednesday at 6:00 GMT. The most important events are on Thursday at 7:55 GMT Germany Unemployment Rate and Euro Zone Consumer Confidence, Services Sentiment, Industrial Confidence, Business Climate, Economic Sentiment Indicator at 9:00 GMT. Also focus over Thursday Germany CPI at 12:00 GMT and Friday Euro Zone Unemployment Rate and CPI at 9:00 GMT. The technical analysis shows the first support at 1.1143 and resistance at 1.1280. trading strategy is to keep short positions with target 1.1143 and next target at 1.1070.

EURUSD changes the upward movement with downward correction
Posted by Admin on Sunday, 17 April 2016

In the coming business week according to there are not important U.S. events except in the housing sector on Tuesday and Wednesday. In the Euro Zone the first important event is on Tuesday 9:00 GMT for Germany - ZEW Survey. On 6:00 GMT on Wednesday focus over Germany PPI. The most important events for the week are on Thursday at 11:45 GMT ECB Interest Rate Decision and ECB Monetary policy statement and press conference at 12:30 GMT. In the last day of the business week the key events are from Germany, Markit PMI Composite, Markit Services PMI, Markit Manufacturing PMI at 7:30 GMT and IFO data at 8:00 GMT. Last week EURUSD breaks below a key support at 1.1320 and cut the strong upward trend that continue since the beginning of March. The key support is at 1.1143 while the resistance is at 1.1460. trading strategy for the week is to open short positions using good tops for bigger profits. The investors will focus over ECB Interest rates politic and the pressconference on Thursday.

Crude Oil trading strategy in the next few days
Posted by Admin on Thursday, 14 April 2016

After the bottom of Crude Oil (New York) at 35.22 since 5th of April 2016 started uptrend that continue after the key resistance level of 41.85. The uptrend continues almost 10-days but slowly in the last two days. The first resistance level is at 42.40 according to If the Crude Oil price breaks above the resistance level the trend may continue next week. In the last business day of the week there are important event for the energy sector - Baker Hughes US Oil Rig Count. (The Baker Hughes Rig Counts are an important business barometer for the drilling industry and its suppliers). The date is expecting to release at 17:00 GMT and may show the end of the downward movement or slow down the trend starting from 675 in August 2015 to 354 last week. trading strategy is to trade long positions to the price of 42.40 and after the news release to open short positions. If the Crude Oil breaks above 42.40 keep long positions.

EURUSD - trading strategy at the levels above 1.1320
Posted by Admin on Sunday, 10 April 2016

The economic and interest rates politic as a major factor for the markets this week is expecting by There are couples of events that will send signals for the situation in USA and Euro Zone. The first key event for the week is on Tuesday Germany CPI at 6:00 GMT. On Wednesday is the very important Fed's Beige Book at 18:00 GMT also at the same day at 12:30 GMT expects PPI, Core PPI and Retail Sales. On Thursday focus in the morning Euro Zone CPI at 9:00 GMT and U.S. CPI and Core CPI at 12:30 GMT. In the last business day of the week pay attention over China's GDP for first quarter at 2:00 GMT. China's report is a signal for the total economic growth. Later expects Euro Zone Trade Balance at 9:00 GMT and Industrial Production for United States at 13:15 GMT. The technical analysis shows two important support levels at 1.1320 and 1.1345. If EURUSD breaks below 1.1320 predict the end of the uptrend. Otherwise use the levels between 1.1320 and 1.1345 to open long positions with target 1.1495. The major resistance levels are 1.1453 and 1.1495.

Focus over ECB events and FOMC Minutes this week
Posted by Admin on Sunday, 03 April 2016

The Euro recovery against the dollar continues after strong gains in the prior week. Although that the Euro gains will continue expects in a short time to turn the tendency and to see new dollar gains. One of the most important event in the new business week is on Thursday at 11:30 GMT ECB Monetary Policy Meeting Accounts and ECB President Draghi's Speech later in the day. The rest key events from Euro Zone are on Monday at 9:00 GMT PPI, Unemployment Rate, also on Friday at 6:00 GMT Germany Exports/Imports data and Trade Balance. In United States focus your attention over Monday Factory Orders at 14:00 GMT, Trade Balance and ISM Services on Tuesday at 12:30 GMT and FOMC Minutes on Wednesday at 18:00 GMT. The technical analysis shows bullish for EURUSD. The key support is at 1.1144 while the next support is at 1.1305. EURUSD resistance you can find at 1.1495. trading strategy is to focus over the ECB meeting and Draghi's Speech and FOMC Minutes. Use the first support to open long positions too.

Trading strategy for EURUSD in Nonfarm payrolls week
Posted by Admin on Sunday, 27 March 2016

It is expecting an important business week that will give new signals to the Fed and investors for the Fed interest rates politic. The most important event is in Friday at 13:30 GMT when is the report for U.S. Unemployment. For the moment it is expecting between two and four interest rates hikes this year. The event in Friday will send new signals that will move EURUSD strong. The first important event that recommends to focus this week is in Tuesday at 15:00 GMT U.S. Consumer Confidence. On Wednesday there are important events from Germany CPI at 12:00 GMT; Thursday Germany Unemployment Rate at 7:55 GMT is expecting at 6.2% the same as prior month, Euro Zone CPI at 9:00 GMT and ECB Monetary Policy Meeting at 11:30 GMT. The major focuses that will move the market whole week are U.S. Nonfarm Payrolls, Nonfarm Private Payrolls and Unemployment Rate at 13:30 GMT. The low Unemployment rate and the large number of new opening work places will push the investors to buy dollars. In the technical analysis the first support is formed at 1.1145 followed at 1.1085. The key resistance is at 1.1342. The technical analysis shows bullish while the fundamental analysis is bearish. recommends this week to sell euro for dollars. You can sell at the levels of 1.1230 with target below 1.1085.

EURUSD may reach to levels of 1.1370 this week
Posted by Admin on Sunday, 20 March 2016

The euro profit against the dollar last week like the prediction from March 14th 2016. The Fed disappointment the investors and they prefer to sell dollars. The effect was very strong in a short time and may continue with a slow speed this week. This week the focus in the fundamental events are starting from Monday with Existing Home Sales in United States at 14:00 GMT. Germany IFO Business Climate and IFO Expectations on Tuesday at 8:00 GMT and also ZEW Survey Germany at 10:00 GMT schedule. In United States on Wednesday focus over the New Home Sales at 14:00 GMT also Thursday Durable Orders at 12:30 GMT and Economic Bulletin for Euro Zone at 9:00 GMT. Friday is a Good Friday and most of the markets are closed in Europe while in United States is GDP Third Estimate on at 12:30 GMT. These are the important events but focus is over Durable Orders in United States and Germany data on Tuesday. The technical analysis shows a key resistance at 1.1376 as EURUSD probably will reach to this level. If break above may follow levels of 1.1410 that will open the way for very serious movements upward but is necessary strong fundamental support. Otherwise sees a good moment to keep or open long positions with target 1.1330-1.1376 where is the moment to sell EURUSD with a target down to 1.10 at the end of the month.