EURUSD can up to 1.6150 in the first week of April

The dollar finished the trading week at the levels of 1.58. The dollar is very close to test again 1.59 in any new negative news for the U.S. economy or positive news for the Euro Zone. According to our analyses in Euro Dollar trading will test 1.59 in the coming week. We can see levels of 1.60 up to 1.6150 in the first week of April said George Marshal analyzer in World-Signals. The speculations for U.S. jobs market are on focus now. Except that the chances for new interest rates cut with 50 bps to 75 bps raises day after day. In this situation the prediction are for successful break above 1.5902. On downturn the dollar should gain to 1.56 or 1.5550 but the chances for such movement are minimal.

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