The investors are ready for 100 bps interest rates

The investors are ready for 100 bps interest rates cut. The investors are ready for tomorrow’s Fed interest rates cut with 100 bps to 2.00%. The Fed must cut the interest rates fast to levels of 1.5%-2.0% to be able to reduce the consequences by the credit crisis said Peter Mill expert by The Fed had to be aggressive with the interest rates politic during the Summer-Autumn 2007, as this decision will come too late to help to U.S. recession. The dollar probably will be set on new attacks to test the levels of 1.60 tomorrow. Together with the expecting new worse U.S. housing data the chances for the dollar are just over the banks intervention. “The situation is out of control everywhere the traders sell dollars,” said George Marshal economist in World-Signals. In this market with continue forecasts for dollar weakness the trading ideas remain in new sells of dollars.

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