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Should we expect new records for USDJPY?

The Japanese yen started to fall again against the dollar, this is the third peak…

Will the dollar stay strong this week?

The US jobs report came out on Friday. Investors' expectations were for a significant decrease…

EURUSD movements in 2023 and forecast for 2024

During the past year 2023, the Euro-Dollar moved within narrow limits. The lowest level in…

Oil crashes again - what are the reasons and what prices to expect this month?

The price of oil continues to collapse amid extremely low consumption in Europe. Although growth…

Yen collapses against the dollar - should we expect an intervention?

We expect the Bank of Japan to intervene in the market to support the Yen…

Credit Suisse inquiry will keep files secret for 50 years, says report

There is definitely something very disturbing about keeping secret the collapse of this supposedly stable…

Bitcoin is no longer a passing fad

The entry into the race to launch a spot BTC-ETF by majors such as BlackRock…

US interest rates were expected to remain unchanged today

The Federal Reserve kept the key interest rate unchanged at 5.25%. The decision is expected…

Interest rates continue to rise around the world

Today, the Bank of Canada surprisingly raised the key interest rate by 0.25 basis points…

The rapid increase in interest rates in the US leads to bank failures

96.5% of regional US banks (there are 230 of them) are declining this week and…

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