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Forex Signals for Asian session

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World-Signals trading lessons:    


1. First steps to set your trading platform and learn the major for the trading.
2. Technical Analysis and Technical Indicators.
3. Technical Analysis - Always use technical and key indicators for your trade.
4. Fundamental Analysis - The most important economic events.
5. Interventions - How the bank support the currencies.
6. Candlesticks - How much information you can receive using Candlesticks for trading.
7. Learn to use Fibonacci levels - Learn how to use Fibonacci for support and resistance levels.
8. Learn how to use one of the key trading indicators - MACD.
9. Combine the both Stochastic indicator and MACD.
10. The trend is your friend - How to find the trend and use it always.
11. Learn how to use trading figures - Trading tops (hummers).
12. Fundamental events - it is not the same as few years ago. To trade fundamental events you must know many other factors.
13. What is different to trade in Monday? You will learn what details to use to trade successfully on Monday.
14. It is very important to know the trading hours. Here you will learn what to expect in different trading hours. The trading hours are important moments when you can expect to change the trend.
15. Draw over the charts - There are many figures that will give you key entry and exit levels.
16. Make your Investing Plan, Risk Management and Margins. It is a very important lesson for profitable trades.

The education course continue for 2-weeks. The price for the education course is EUR 390.


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Use technical and fundamental indicators together. Learn how?





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