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Forex Signals for Asian session

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Cryptocurrency Performance:    

CryptoBasic Performance:
The performance is based on 1.0000 coin regardless the price. All positions that execute with CryptoBasic are long!

Start trading December 18th 2017
Dec 22 Buy BTC @ 13395 SL 12000 No TP for now.
Dec 27th Exit BTC on @ 15480. Total: +$2085.
Jan 4th 2018
Buy LTC (Litecoin) @ $235.
Jan 6th 2018
Exit LTC @ $286. Result: +$51 for 1-litecoin.

February 2nd 2018
Buy BTC @ 8580.
March 1st 2018
Close BTC @ 10640. Result: +$2060.

To use this service you are needed by wallet with cryptocurrencies BTC and ETH (Bitcoin and Ethereum).

Dec 21st
Buy XRP/ETH @ 0.0011278 SL 0.0009000 TP 0.00165000. Total: +ETH 0.0005222
Dec 22nd
Sell IOTA/BTC @ 0.0003049 SL 0.0003500 TP 0.0002500. Total: +BTC 0.0000549

Dec 28th 2017
Buy ADA/ETH @ 0.00053 SL 0.00040 TP 0.00086.
Change TP at 0.00100. Total: +ETH 0.00047.

Jan 6th
Sell TRX/BTC @ 0.00001325 SL 0.00001430 TP 0.00000770. Total +BTC 0.00000555

Feb 6th 2018
Buy XLM/ETH @ 0.000469 SL 0.00043 TP 0.000500. Total: -ETH 0.000039

Feb 25th 2018
Sell IOTA/ETH @ 0.00233 SL 0.00253 TP 0.0017. Exit at 0.001839. Total: +ETH 0.000491.

Current trading currencies with CryptoTrade:
Bitcoin (BTC)
Ethereum (ETH)
BitcoinCash (BCH)
Litecoin (LTC)
Ripple (XRP)
Cardano (ADA)
Dash (DASH)
Monero (XMR)
Zcash (ZEC)

The service CryptoPro is for a traders who want to invest in new cryptocurrency. If you are already investing in Bitcoin, Ethereum or others we will help you to buy another new Coins that are profitable. Also we will help you to manage your wallet with the best investments.
Invest between 2 and 3% of you capital of BTC in ENJ (EnjinCoin). Buy @ 0.00000809 and hold the position. The trading expectation for ENJ is to keep the position for the next 1-2 months.

Dec 18th 2017
Current active position: Invest in XRP (Ripple) with starting price 0.000040 BTC.

Dec 30th 2017 Close XRP (Ripple) position @ 0.0001720. Second option hold XRP for longer time at least 3-months.

Jan 1st 2018
Buy TRX/BTC (Tron/Bitcoin) @ 0.00000348 with open target now.
Jan 5th 2018
Exit TRX/BTC @ 0.0000141. Total: +BTC 0.00001062.

Jan 7th
Sell IOTA/ETH @ 0.004050 with open target. Jan 26th close IOTA position @ 0.00223. Total: +ETH 0.00182.

Feb 10th 2018
Sell ADA/BTC @ 0.00004520 with SL 0.00004850 TP open.
Exit on Feb March 10th at 0.00002329. Total: +BTC 0.00002191.

Note! We strongly recommend for trading services to use Telegram messenger. The signals service is active 7-days a week, 365 days in a year!

Start trading with CryptoBasic, CryptoTrade and CryptoPro here!


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