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About World-Signals:    


Peter Mill who is born in 1966 in New York, NY founds World-Signals® in 1999 in Anvers Belgium. Peter Mill has huge experience trading on the forex market for different banks around the world. He builds many friends around the world and set World-Signals® as one of the top companies providing market forecasts and data for the forex and stock markets. After two years in 2001 World-Signal® set partners agents in New York Stock Exchange, in London, in Berlin, in Athens and in Nicosia Cyprus.
Currently World-Signals® provides market signals for customers of 6 continents. The most of our customers are in North America in USA, followed by European Union, Middle East, Australia, South-East Asia, South America and customers from Africa.
The benefit using World-Signal® is the fact that the signals are available all over the world for all countries. There are not limits using our services.

We believe in our friends around the world that together we can make the best trades. The customers and friends using World-Signals® know we are working for them.

Dear friends,
I am happy to see smile faces and I am proud that all friends and customers of World-Signals® are smiled. The trading the profits and the smiles really enjoy me. We build a team who works for you! Come with us and enjoy the trading, keep your smile and start making profit today!
Yours truly,
Peter Mill



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